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Steve Unwin

All of my books will be available free to download from Amazon web sites this weekend.

Locate the books on any Amazon web site by searching for Steve Unwin in the Amazon Kindle Store, or follow these links, amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, amazon.at, amazon.fr, amazon.it, amazon.ca, amazon.de, amazon.co.jp.

The books can be read on a Kindle or most  smartphones, tablet/PC by using the FREE Kindle app available from Amazon.

The Books available free are Letting Go, Travellers, Coffee Maestro, Essence of Da Vinci, Essence of Excellence, Prague Inspired, Iran Inspired, Himalayan Odyssey and Cause for Thought.

Free Book Weekend

Unfortunately the public domain books I’ve breathed new life into can’t be made free for contractual reasons. These titles include The Game of Logic, Flatland, The Happy Prince, The Principles of Scientific Management, Hard Times and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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Coffee Maestro
Essence of Da Vinci
Essence of Excellence
Happy Prince
Hard Times
Iran Inspired
Letting Go
Game of Logic
Himalayan Odyssey
Picture of Dorian Gray
Prague Inspired
Principles of Scientific Management
Cause for Thought

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