Coffee Maestro - Better by being different every time.
Author: Steve Unwin

Written in the style of Eliyahu Goldratt’s 'The Goal', Coffee Maestro delivers an innovative and valuable fresh take on the improvement challenge faced by organisations and individuals.

Robert Jones’ four year struggle to get his boss and his company to understand the need for change seems finally to have borne fruit, but just as his boss sees the light and pushes for action, Robert realises the carefully planned efforts of consultants and employees will be in vain.

Is this a moment of revelation, or has he simply lost the plot?

Threatened with dismissal he has six days to understand why his thinking has been turned on its head.

The resulting story is rich with thought provoking ideas, insight and imagery that will inform your approach and attitude towards change, make you question what you thought you knew and help you see in new ways.

Coffee Maestro - Steve Unwin

“Not merely a description of change but an insightful catalyst for it.”

“I feel I’ve met the characters in this book in my work, and now understand them much better!”

“Much easier to read than a text book on management and far more relevant.”

“Helped explain why so much improvement effort leads nowhere.”

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