Coffee Maestro  is all about how we deal with change at work and in our lives.

There are many ‘text’ books that analyse and advise on change, endless models and countless consultants ready to sell their experience.

These all leave me cold, making change to be something special to do, packaged actions to be applied rather than a normal part of everyday life to be lived.

The need and the means for change are all around us. I wanted to shift our understanding away from text books and the hands of consultants with their generic models or case studies specific to other people’s experience. Instead I wanted to help the reader tap their own specific knowledge and experience and to become aware of how much they may already know.

When we do this change shifts from being externally inflicted upon us, to being part of who we are. At the very least we can begin to imagine the day when we might ride the waves that once threatened to drown us.

It was quite some time before I realised just how autobiographical Coffee Maestro had become and how much it reflected how fundamentally my life had changed.

The beauty of a book is that Robert Jones can accomplish in seven days what took me far more than seven years to experience and also benefits from my reflection on the journey those years traced.

I really hope you will enjoy reading Coffee Maestro and find that it speaks to you.

Steve Unwin