Essence of Da Vinci - Unleash your creativity.
Created and illustrated by Steve Unwin

Essence of Da Vinci is an inspiring collection of beautiful drawings and carefully selected quotations designed to unleash the creative genius that lurks untapped in all of us.

Using the characteristics of one of the most creative people ever to have lived, Essence of Da Vinci speaks to both the logical left and the artistic right sides of our brain to stir our imagination and inspire.

The combination of delicately crafted drawings and apposite quotations creates a unique approach, each page a potential start point for a journey of discovery.

Rather than a description of how to be creative, this is a spark to ignite your creativity.

Essence of Da Vinci - Steve Unwin

“Love the sketches and the quotations are very powerful.”

“A book to linger over.”

“Beautifully crafted with obvious care.”

With contributors as diverse as Muhammad Ali and Isaac Asimov to Karl Wallenda and Kobi Yamada, this book will ignite your creative spark.

Sample pages...

W8 541

Coffee Maestro
Essence of Da Vinci
Essence of Excellence
Happy Prince
Hard Times
Iran Inspired
Letting Go
Game of Logic
Himalayan Odyssey
Picture of Dorian Gray
Prague Inspired
Principles of Scientific Management
Cause for Thought

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