The Game of Logic - Logic revealed through play.
Written by Lewis Carroll. Edited and Illustrated by Steve Unwin

I initially read The Game of Logic as part of research into different ways in which potentially complex ideas are described using simple language and structures.

Here Carroll takes the ostensibly dry topic of logical deduction and breathes life into it through the use of a simple playing board that engages the reader to learn through exploration. It’s an admirable approach especially when allied to the light humorous language with which Carroll delivers his lessons.

I’d obtained an old out of print hardcover book initially and decided that this might make a worthwhile book to implement in eBook format. I was spurred into action on discovering that whilst there were several copies available on the internet, in all of these the diagrams, an essential part if the book is to be understood, were rendered unreadable by the scanning process.

I resolved to recreate all 200+ diagrams and produce a new version that would be a worthy tribute to Carroll’s original. In the eBook version I’ve also been able to include a host of hyperlinks between puzzles and solutions to enhance the reading experience.

Game of Logic - Steve Unwin


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