Hard Times – Classic tale.
Written by Charles Dickens. Edited and Illustrated by Steve Unwin

- Illustrated with 40 specially created pictures matched to the chapter themes.
- Optimised for Kindle with fully featured table of contents and navigable ‘bookmarks’.

Hard Times is the only novel by Charles Dickens that is not set, at least in part, in London. Instead it depicts the bleak grime and soulless industrialisation of the fictitious ‘Coketown’ where imagination is to be eradicated at the altar of pure facts.

Sadly the messages of the book have lost none of their relevance in the intervening years and our current focus on measurement, assessment and league tables.

As the only Dickens novel not to be illustrated in its original form, this edition has been supplemented by the addition of chapter heading illustrations to create an updated and worthy re-creation of the original.

Hard Times - Steve Unwin


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