The Picture of Dorian Gray - Vanity exposed.
Written by Oscar Wilde. Edited and Illustrated by Steve Unwin

Oscar Wilde’s only published novel is a classic story of vanity. It tells the eponymous story of a young and beautiful man who offers to sell his soul to ensure that a portrait painted of him ages, whilst he still retains his youthful beauty.

Dorian’s wish is fulfilled and as he pursues a life of debauchery the painting reflects the impact each act has on his soul, each being reflected in the aging or disfigurement of his portrait.

When originally published the book was considered immoral but the book has since been recognised as a true classic story of vanity which perhaps gains in relevance in our celebrity obsessed times. The book has been the basis for several motion pictures.

Here the full text is enhanced by over 20 specially created original illustrations each themed to a chapter of the book.

Picture of Dorian Gray - Steve Unwin


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