Prague Inspired - Inspiration from the city of 1000 spires.
Created and illustrated by Steve Unwin

Prague Inspired is a beautiful collection of quotations and drawings capturing the spirit of the wonderful city of Prague.

The combination of delicately crafted drawings and apposite quotations creates a book that shares the experience of the city of a thousand spires in a new and truly unique way.

Many books describe what you will find in Prague, the architecture, the culture and the history, but Prague Inspired captures how you may be moved by the experience of the city and its people.

Himalayan Odyssey - Steve Unwin

“This book has helped me see my city in a new way.”
“Beautiful and insightful.”
“Simply enthralling.”

With contributors as diverse as Woody Allen and Frank Zappa, this book will open eyes and stir minds.

Sample pages...

W8 541

Coffee Maestro
Essence of Da Vinci
Essence of Excellence
Happy Prince
Hard Times
Iran Inspired
Letting Go
Game of Logic
Himalayan Odyssey
Picture of Dorian Gray
Prague Inspired
Principles of Scientific Management
Cause for Thought

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