The Principles of Scientific Management - Classic business text.
Written by Frederick W. Taylor. Edited and Illustrated by Steve Unwin

This is an updated release of the classic management text which introduced the application of the ‘scientific method’ to management practice and even 100 years after its initial publication still has a profound influence on management thinking and practice.

Taylor’s work is often quoted, but much less often read. Consequently his ideas are much misunderstood, indeed within the book, even before the ink had dried, Taylor details how his work was already being misinterpreted and malapplied.

At the heart of the book is the idea that a process of experimentation could advantageously be applied to the task of management. Taylor’s motivation, a belief that owner and worker could work together for mutual benefit. Along the way he defines the apportionment of roles to support a scientific approach.

In this short volume there is much to be understood and much that has been misunderstood.

Here is the opportunity to form your own opinion of the ideas and what we have made of them.

Principles of Scientific Management - Steve Unwin

All of the original text with newly created illustrations and designed to take full advantage of the capabilities of your eBook reader.

A fitting upgrade of the original work.

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