Travellers - The power of questioning.
Written by Steve Unwin

The fast pace of modern life drives an unending search for solutions to life’s problems. Increasingly we believe there is no time for questioning as we are driven to see salvation in applying a string of solutions, often with little benefit.

‘Travellers’ explores the contrast between seeing the world through questions or through answers and reveals the surprising power in this seemingly slight shift in focus.

Rather than instruct, the book is designed to invite and incite the reader to reflect and make their own discoveries; to pursue their own questions.

The main story is supported by over 80 carefully selected quotations which serve as prompts to stimulate new thoughts and invite ‘diversions of thought’ away from the book.

Travellers - Steve Unwin

“Very thought provoking.”

“An easy read, simple but profound.”

“Made me enjoy thinking about how I deal with life.”

With contributors as diverse as Alan Alda and Niels Bohr to Peter Vaill and Virginia Woolf, this book provides new perspectives and will stimulate your imagination to new insights.

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